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"In the SHARETON 2017 I will speak about the VUCA works and how it influences the demand on leaders of organizations around the world".
Andre de Wit is a motivational and experienced speaker, regarded for the combination of global successful operational leadership experience and strategic Human Resource experience in leading international companies.

Andre until recently served as Vice President Learning and Capability Building for the Carlsberg Group, the 3rd biggest beer-brewing company in the world. Before that, as Group Director Learning METRO AG, he was developing Learning across 30 countries.

"Take a lead!"- Andre says, and his career is the best demonstration of the authentic leadership.
Nataliia Fastovets: Andre, before you came to the HR (Group Director Learning Metro AG in 2011-2015), you were responsible for the whole businesses on country level as Country CEO in such multinational companies like IKEA (Spain/Portugal), METRO CC (Croatia). What was your personal motivation for such non-typical career move?

Andre de Wit: In order to progress my career in the Metro Group it was seen as needed to work for while in their Head Quarters in Dusseldorf Germany. The position the Metro Group offered me was the position as Group Director Learning. Immediately after I started to understand the world of Learning it fascinated me and in time I found out the importance and impact Learning can make in an organization.

Nataliia Fastovets: What are the most important areas in HR today, from your point of view? What is your main focus in HR?

Andre de Wit: The focus of HR today has a strong accent on delivering support to the core business of the organization. In the VUCA world HR should take a more strategic role by providing and embedding a Leadership strategy linked to the long term business strategy.

Nataliia Fastovets: This year, you left the VP role in Carlsberg Group and made the next career change. Why did you decide to left corporate world and start with the own business? (Andre is a founder and dean of Amsterdam Leadership Academy).

Andre de Wit: I have been working in corporate environments for almost 25 years and I had the big wish to share the knowledge concerning Leadership I have gained myself during these times with more organization around the world. Meeting all these different organizations I experience as very inspiring and offers the possibility to develop myself further as Leadership consultant.

Nataliia Fastovets: What are the main differences between cultural transformation and development of executives being in an in-house function and external expert?

Andre de Wit: I belief that one cannot be successful with the other. The external expert brings in best in class knowledge from outside and can create a 'shock' effect. The in-house function is very much needed to embed long term the foreseen development.

Nataliia Fastovets: We know that you have plans to make expansion to the Ukraine. Would you please share some details of your plans for our followers and customers?

Andre de Wit: The idea is to offer a state of the art Leadership Development Program for top leaders in Ukraine. Together with a number of my associates we will offer a 1 year program, existing of four 3 day workshop, assignments and coaching. The objective of the program is to prepare Leaders for the challenges that the VUCA-world is given.

Nataliia Fastovets: You will be a key note speaker on First International SHARETHON 2017 to be conducted in Kiev, on September, 21st. We would be grateful if you opened some details of presentation for our followers and customers.

Andre de Wit: In the SHARETON 2017 I will speak about the VUCA works and how it influences the demand on leaders of organizations around the world.

Nataliia Fastovets: What are your wishes and advices for the Ukrainian HR Community?

Andre de Wit: Enjoin the journey in the VUCA-world and take the lead!

Nataliia Fastovets: Thank you, Andre, for the interesting discussion! Looking forward to see your ideas, thoughts in presentation on SHARETHON 2017!

Interview was done by Nataliia Fastovets,
Kyiv - Amsterdam, 26 June - 01 July, 2017


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